How to Make Your Acrylic Nails Last Longer

How to Make Your Acrylic Nails Last Longer

Maintaining the Acrylic

Staying organised is one of the best ways of maintaining your acrylic nails. Having your infill appointments booked for every couple of weeks will be essential to getting the most out of your acrylics. The infills with help to cover your nail regrowth. This is a cheaper alternative to getting the acrylic removed and a new one reapplied.

Keeping your nails clean by removing any dirt that may have accumulated under your nails will help keep the base of your nails healthy. Don’t use your nails to pick or pry anything. This will lessen the chance of your acrylics getting any lift or crack marks on them. You can further avoid this by making sure you wear gloves when washing up and do any cleaning around the house and by avoiding long warm baths.

Having Healthy Nails

Your nail health will play a key role in keeping your acrylics looking the best that can while helping them endure for as long as possible. Your nail is the base for your acrylics so keeping them in top shape will give the acrylic a secure foundation. Using cuticle oil can help enhance the health and appearance of your nails. It will help moisturise your nail and increase the circulation around that area to assist natural nail growth. Solar oil applied to the cuticle can help with this and has anti-fungal properties to help keep your nails healthy. Vitamin supplements will help with nail growth too, as well as bolstering your nail strength. Biotin, B vitamins and zinc all play a role in nail health, but be sure to check with your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements.

A Professional Nail Extension Service in Edinburgh

Last of all, find a good technician. The initial application of the acrylic will play a big role in how long they will endure. Here at Jasmin French, we can offer you a professional nail extension service in Edinburgh, that will help you get the most out of your acrylic nail extensions. As one of the professional nail extension services available in Edinburgh, we can apply your acrylic nails and offer nail art services to get your nails looking their best. We offer a range of services from nail overlays and infills to nail art and a full set of extensions.

Why not pay us a visit book your appointment today and get your nails looking their best?

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