Coming soon to Jasmin French

Ear Piercing coming soon to Jasmin French Edinburgh

Ear Piercing Edinburgh

Our in house piercer will take you through the whole process, from choosing jewellery, piercing placement and aftercare. We're here for all your questions, as well as piercing consultation appointments to offer advice.

Safety and hygiene will be our top priorities. Our piercers will use sanitised, single-use equipment and will be provided with additional PPE to ensure the highest level of safety.

As part of the experience, you will also receive detailed aftercare instructions to help with the healing of your shiny new stack. Our Jasmin French Piercer will be there to help you create your perfect stack!

You will need to come with an idea of where you’d like your piercing to go prior to your appointment. Discover your stacking style, get inspired and getting planning your next piercing...

We Offer ALL ear piercing's however, we will assess your ear beforehand to ensure you have the correct space for each piercing.

Soon it will be time to create your stack!..

Woman's ear with multiple piercings
Woman with multiple ear piercings