Jasmin French LTD reserve the right to charge any client who fails to attend a confirmed appointment, the sum up to the value of 100% cost of the treatment.

If you are more than 10 minutes late without letting us know we cannot guarantee your appointment will still be available. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

We require a 50% deposit for group bookings or over busy period this deposit is non - refundable within three months prior to the booking.

For all other appointments a minimum of £15 is required per appointment.

For wedding and group bookings we will require a 40%-50% deposit to secure the date. The date is not secured until this has been made. Prior to the special day we will require the remaining cost of the special day. This is non refundable once payment has been made. If for any reason we have to cancel our booking with yourselves we will provide you with a full refund.

A patch test at least 48 hours is required for Brow tinting, HD brows, Brow lamination. LVL Lash lift prior to your attending your appointment, please pop into the salon at a convenient time for you. If you do not get a patch test we will require you to sign a disclaimer before we proceed.

For all lash & nail appointments we DO NOT infill other peoples work or remove. Please come with bare nails if you have not been to us before or bare eyes.

Allergies to BIAB Polishes - An allergy is the response of the body's immune system to normally harmless substances. You can become allergic to almost anything and people can develop allergies to commonly used products. Most BIAB treatments are completely safe and result in no problems. In extremely rare cases, people can experience an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can be caused by many triggers if you should have a reaction contact a medical professional immediately. The safety of our clients is our number one priority. While allergies are extremely rare, we have a strict allergies protocol in place and take any incident extremely seriously.